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Simple ultrasound reactive control

Ultrasound for reactive obstacle avoidance

I added two ultrasound sensors looking off to the left and right on the front bumper. An arduino dumps these into a serial terminal at a minimum of about 5Hz, usually faster), and a ROS node reads these and puts them into two sensor_msgs.msg.Range topics.

I implemented two behaviors--a back-up-and-turn, where we try to go in the direction where there's more space, and a go-forward, where the steering fraction $\in(-1,1)$ is computed like $$\tanh\left( (d_r - d_l) \cdot \lambda \right)$$ and this noisy output is passed through a 10-entry rolling mean filter (using collections.deque!).

The result is an illusion of path planning! But it's still really just reactive.

first video second video

In other news

I've tested the openni_* ROS packages, and found that they produce a surfeit of depth-camera topics from my first-generation Kinect sensor (the power cable of which I lopped off and replaced with a barrel connector to my pre-ATX 12V rail). No accelerometer data, though--it would be nice not to have to add a separate IMU, and instead just use the one that's in the Kinect. I think the kinect_aux package will get this for me.

I hope I can fake "odometry" from this IMU data, and so obviate the need for separate wheel encoders. However, if I need them, my current plan is to glue half a dozen tiny magnets regularly spaced around the inside of the back wheels, and position a Hall-effect sensor nearby. But I'd rather not have to make another mini-project out of getting that little Arduino-project working properly, reading my poor-man's grey code. Integrating an IMU in (non-embedded) software would be easier.

As for real planning, I still have some reading to do to figure out what's available already-written for Ackermann-kinematics robots. I've seen TEB local planner used by others; I'm not sure that this would work with the same global planners used in the gmapping stack, since some maneuvers, like N-point turns, are fundamentally different between Ackermann and differential-drive kinematics. I'm not above writing my own planning software (actually, writing a quick and dirty pair of MPC-local + tree-based-global would be a worthwhile endeavor, and maybe not too much harder than getting existing packages installed, tuned, and working smoothly), but first I need at least write a motor controller that react to ackermann_msgs.msgs.AckermannDrive messages properly.

And, of course, getting SLAM working with the Kinect is a whole separate miniproject.