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Parsing Event Details from Seminar Announcement Emails

I receive a lot of seminar announcements, and getting that info into my calendar manually is tedious. So, I tried making a little GPT3 app to do it for me.

Given a copy-pasted email that contains all the necessary information, use OpenAI's fine-tunable GPT3 service to convert that to a JSON representation of a calendar event. Additionally, provide a download link for a generated ICS file to get this into Google Calendar or something else

Usually, when it fails, it does so because

  1. The JSON generation wasn't right, often because of extra quotes in the text.
  2. It got the wrong time zone, maybe because of overfitting to US-East.

A good solution to the first would be to not generate JSON at all--ICS is a much simpler/less-general format, and probably more tolerant of quotation shenanigans.

This is basically just a quick rewrite of the sample app provided by OpenAI, plus about $20 worth of fine-tuning on (so far) 35 emails. It costs me about half a cent per email to use it.


Unfortunately, this is an industry where backward-compatibility for a whole year is apparently too much to ask, and so, in the course of only a few months, this API and the fine-tunes associated with it were first marked as "legacy", and then removed entirely. So, this app is now broken. If I want to redo it, I'll certainly use LangChain and its more robust JSON generation capabilities.

Update 2024-01-26: I remade it with langchain instead.